Friday, July 1, 2011

Our Curriculum Plans for next year:

Fall 2011 Curriculum

E: (first grade)
Bible Study Guide for all Ages Unit 1
Math Mammoth 2
Language Arts:
    Abeka Phonics 1
    First Language Lessons 1
    Handwriting Without Tears 1
    All About Spelling 1
    Writing With Ease 1
Elemental Science Biology for the Grammar Stage
Story of the World with Activity Guide (reading list compiled from Veritas Press, Sonlight, and Tapestry of                   
Extras: piano, gymnastics

C: (K-4)
Abeka Phonics K-4
Numbers and math play
Joining in with E for Bible, science, and history
Extras: still under consideration

Being cute 101 (she wrote the text!)
Music Together

Finally . . .

I had a blog once. I was horrible at posting so I gave up. Recently I have been thinking about starting up again, and here we are! I imagine this blog will have quite a bit of rambling, but I hope that sharing about my walk with Christ, my attempts at homeschooling, and my family, might help someone!
We began "officially" homeschooling this past year, and E just completed K. I have become something of a curriculum junkie, and many have asked what we use, why we use it, and how we do it. I plan to address these things and more. So stay tuned!
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