School Without Grades or Tests?!?!?

Can you have school without grades and tests?!? How is that even possible?!? The ideas of grades and tests are so ingrained into our idea of schooling, that many are often surprised when we tell them that we don't use tests or grades as evaluation tools. I know that horrifies some!

In a classroom, it is challenging to determine retention without tests and grades. In a homeschool situation, the dynamics are completely different.

I am not anti-tests or anti grades-- if that works for you great, but for least up until this point, there has not been a need.

I spend every day one on one with them. I can see what they understand and what they don't. I adjust, practice, and skip as needed according to what they need to "learn."  I can assess daily based on the time I spend with them. I correct as we go, and don't need to test to see what they know...I already know!

There is one area we "test" in, if you could call it that. We use math "tests." This is a no stress opportunity to demonstrate proficiency "on their own." We treat it like an independent worksheet. "Go work on this and do as much as you can on your own." Then we come together and go over it. It helps me gauge if I have missed anything, and pushes their independence a little. There is no grade, no red pen, no pressure...just "do your best" and then we can finish it together.

If a curriculum we use has quizzes or tests, we usually use them as a review or worksheet or not at all.

I have considered adding tests for my oldest...I probably will eventually, for some things at least. Actually, we just started a new spelling curriculum that has tests...we will probably do them... I like to be flexible. If it doesn't work out or causes unnecessary stress, we can just change it up again.

The reality is testing is a part of life. We will eventually have to teach my kids how to take tests. From standardized tests to SAT's to job and career testing...testing is a part of our culture.

Grades. My daughter especially is a perfectionist, and I can't see how grades would help her. I think they would stress her out unnecessarily. Grades tend to focus on how you did on the test, not how well you know the material. I want the focus to be on "learning," and enjoying the journey, not performance on a test. I also don't want to label them as "good" at certain subjects and "not" on others.

Some grade for motivation. How will they try harder? If one of my kids is not grasping something and therefore would be earning a low grade, as her teacher I get the luxury of finding out why, presenting it in a different way, and watching them succeed without need of grade motivation. I can motivate in other ways. I can reward diligence and hard work instead of performance.

My kids are I can only speak to our experience thus far...

One of the most beautiful things about homeschooling the ability to do this how each family wants to. If you want to have "school" at home, great. If you don't want your homeschool to look anything like "school," great. Somewhere in between? Great. We get to be flexible and do what works for us. 

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Bernadette "Passing Grade"


  1. Aren't we and our kids lucky we get to work one-on-one at their exact level? Yet another reason I am so happy we are homeschoolers! We do similar maths "tests", although I usually sit alongside while they work. I agree, it's a really useful way of highlighting progress and gaps.

    1. Yes! I am so very grateful for the opportunity to teach my kids. What a blessing!

  2. Hear hear!!! I hate tests. Giving them taking them... Especially IQ tests which have absolutely no bearing on ability or intelligence in reality. And an A or a B - who even cares? :) If they had fun learning it and they can use it enough to be useful, why stress them out about it. I LOVE your comment about grades focusing on how you did on the test and not how well you understand the material. I had to make up grades on a report card yesterday just to satisfy a "provide latest report card" requirement (I am the teacher and principal after all). We also do maths "tests" and I even get out the red pen and look intimidating - just so when they get to "real" school they won't have a huge culture shock.

    1. Love that intimidating red pen! LOL I probably will do more tests eventually since it is a reality of higher education ;) Thankfully my kids are young enough that discussions allow me to know whether or not they grasped anything at this point-- my intimidating red pen moments will come soon enough! ;)


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