The Wonderful World of Picture Books

I am so excited about this week's Homeschool Help series topic...because, well, it's about books! And well, I LOVE books! And it is my hearts desire to convince my children that they love books as well!

I am a super sucker for good picture books as well. I love beautiful books. My kids have favorites, I have favorites...but to pick our top 6 read aloud picture books is nearly impossible...I mean, almost as impossible as picking a favorite child! But, I shall do my best...or maybe I can cheat a little and add categories???

Top 10 Picture books for our family: (because I simply could not narrow it down to 6! These 10 have been read over and over and over again in our home!)

1. Head to Toe

2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

3. Goodnight Moon

4. Brown Bear

5. On the Night You Were Born

6. The Tale of Peter Rabbit

7. My First Little House Collection

8. Trusty (series)

9. Teddy's Button

10. How do I Love You
Picture books aren't just for babies. Some of our best history learning comes from great picture books. Here are a few we have enjoyed in our history journey over the last few years. 

Picture books for the study of History:

Top 6 Picture books for Ancients
1. Seeker of Knowledge
2. You Wouldn't Want to be...(series)
3. Gilgamesh Trilogy
4. Tutankhamen's Gift
5. King Midas and the Golden Touch
6. Cleopatra 

Top 6 Picture books for Middle Ages
1. D'Aulaire biographies
2. The Clown of God
3. St. George and the Dragon
4. You Wouldn't Want to be (series)
5. Good Queen Bess
6. Michelangelo and Leonardo DaVinci

Top 6 Picture books for US history to 1850
1. If You Lived...(series) (Hopi, Iroquois, Souix, Cherokee, Colonial Times, Boston Tea Party, etc.)
2. The American Story (series) by Betsy Maestro
3. D'Aulaire biographies
4. You Wouldn't Want to be (series)
5. If you Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620
6. Winter at Valley Forge

Check out the other Homeschool Help bloggers favorite picture books!


  1. I wanted to include On the Night You Were Born in my list but I couldn't find our copy. It's gorgeous isn't it? Another that I've given as a gift to Godchildren.

    1. It is seriously such a wonderful book! Lovely text, lovely illustrations... I love whispering their name over and over again as we read! :)


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